EViews 14 beta image

EViews 14 Beta

Our EViews 14 Beta is available for public release.

We're excited to introduce the following new features:

  • Forecasts using Meta Prophet
  • Rational Expections to Models
  • JDemetra+ Seasonal Adjustment
  • StatCan (Statistics Canada) Data Connectivity
  • Updated Interface to Eurostat, ECB, OECD, UN and more
  • Miscellaneous Improvements
  • Quantile ARDL Estimation
  • ARDL Improvements
  • Elastic Net Enhancements
  • Improved Lasso Selection Models
  • MIDAS GARCH Estimation
  • Series Based Outlier Detection
  • Equation Residual Outlier Detection
  • Boosted Hodrick-Prescott Filter
  • Tests for Series Trends
  • Tests for Series Breaks and Change Points
  • Tests for Financial Bubbles
  • Bootstrapped Structural VAR Confidence Intervals
  • Monte Carlo and Bootstrapped Confidence Intervals for Structural Variance Decompositions
  • Local Projection Impulse Response (LPIRF) Analysis
  • Improvements to Bayesian Time-Varying Coefficient VAR Impulse Responses
  • Expanded Statistical Tools for Matrix and Vector data
  • And More!

The EViews 14 Beta program is only open to current EViews 13 Standard or Enterprise customers. You must have a valid EViews 13 license already registered on the machine in order to run the 14 beta.

To gain access to our beta, please fill in the following form. Once submitted, you will receive an email containing instructions on how to download and install the beta.

In addition, this beta is only available as a 64-bit Windows application, so your OS must be Windows Vista/7/8/10 64-bit or newer.

Once installed, the beta documentation can be found under the EViews Help menu.

The EViews 14 Beta is pre-release software, and will contain bugs and mistakes. The software is provided for testing and commenting purposes only.

Please send any comments on the EViews 14 beta to support@eviews.com.

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