Request a Temporary EViews License

The COVID-19 virus has caused significant disruption to our way of life. Many are now required to work or study from home. To help our current users, we will provide a free temporary EViews Enterprise license that can be installed on a user’s Windows computer.

To request a temporary license, please enter the first 16 characters of your current EViews serial number, the version of EViews you want to use, and some basic contact information so we can send you the license. Please review the limitations below.

Note: this temporary license:

  • Does not support virtual machines.
  • Windows versions do not run on Windows Server.
  • Does not support Student Version Lite requests.
  • Does not support University Edition requests.
  • You must have an EViews 9, EViews 10, or EViews 11 serial number.
  • Can only be registered on one machine.
  • Will expire on Jul 1, 2020.

Required Fields*  
Serial Number*:
(first two segments only, e.g. 10XXXXXX-XXXXXXXX, or 11XXXXXX-XXXXXXXX)
Requested Version*:
(Select the version of EViews you'd like to use)
First Name*:
Last Name*:
(We will send the new temporary license to this address)
Person check*: 4 + 9 =