EViews Web Registration

Welcome to EViews Web Registration

To register your copy of EViews, please enter your name, 16 or 24-character serial number, and machine id below.

You may obtain your serial number from your email purchase receipt or from your system administrator.

The Machine ID for a particular machine may be determined by examining the EViews registration dialog.

Serial Number:  

(examples:  "90A00001 - 1A2B0001 - 87654321",   or   "80A00001 - 1A2B0001 - 87654321")


Machine ID:  

(example: "FD39FDD9 - 82D005C8 - 005105CF - FBD2FCA4")


Registration is required for EViews 4 thru 13. For registration questions, you may send email to register@eviews.com. Please include your serial number with all support questions.